Women Of Color

This page was created to show appreciation to Women of Color, since their recognition respect, and credit isn’t always given as it should be. Entailed here will be things ranging from improvements for Women of Color in the fashion industry and the feminist movement , to W.O.C. models, to just plain out encouragement and motivation.


The Ionic Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell is a model that can easily  be a representation the face of dark-skinned girls everywhere that may not feel confident about slaying down the runway or about their skin tone in general. Girls of a darker tone are often found ignored by society, and not in the most obvious ways. The absence of darker tones in makeup, women and girls that look like them on their favorite T.V. shows or production of preforming arts,and flesh-toned clothing items that might not meet their dark beautiful skin often contribute to that state of absence. Seeing models like Naomi and many others can contribute to giving them a statement of affirmation that they indeed are seen, and that they do matter.

Women of Color on the Runway


As Women of Color start to appear on the runway more often, I find joy lighting my heart. Nothing makes me happier than feeling represented. There’s a sort of bliss you get (and I know I’m not the only one that feels it), when you see someone that looks like you rip down the runway slaying the daylights out of your brain! It makes you feel like you can actually do what they’re doing, because someone who is just like you has done it too.

Natural hair Paving it’s way into Fashion

  As Natural Hair is making its mark on the community today, it has become a common accessory on runways and photoshots. The representation of different hair types, kinks, and coils, does nothing but make me happy. This is a step toward changing the stereotype that only euro-centric beauty features are good enough for the runway. Equality and Representation for Women Of Color is indeed a Feminist Issue that matters greatly today. As a community, we must work together to see and understand the struggles that each and every woman share, and to make an effort into making a difference about it.


“The bigger the hair the harder they stare. I live for natural hair.”


I am so happy to see that more women of color have the opportunity to take the stage in the 2016 Victoria Secret Model fashion show in Paris as angels! This is so beautiful, and a great necessity to the fashion world!


Embracing who you are on and off the runway is a must! I love seeing young women take a stand by showing confidence in their skin, work in fashion, and recognizing other girls of their ethnicity that want their voices to be heard! These beautiful young ladies represent the African American community so well, and they do it with a smile. They definitely came to slay!


Kelsey and Kendra are two young successful  females on you tube that inspire me everyday by working so hard for their brand, on the recent book they published, fashion videos, and vlogs! They remain creative on their channel and they always put out good content. Kelsey and Kendra are great examples of young business women making a name for themselves.


What a Phenomenal woman looks like! Maya Angelou is a huge inspiration to young girls, and females in general! “It’s in the reach of my arms, the span of my hips, the stride of my step the curl of my lips. I am a woman phenomenally. phenomenal woman that’s me”!

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Tyra Banks is indeed a face for young aspiring models! she was the first African American model on the cover of GQ and the sports illustrated swimsuit issue. Tyra was also a Victoria Secret Angel! She remains fierce in the industry by hosting events, talent searches, and fashion shows!