Start up your Harley

Switch it up (gender roles)


Most of the time, when many people see leather jackets paired with biker boots and graphic tees, they don’t automatically picture a woman slaying the day away in this fit. The era of grunge clothing opened up a new perspective on how women could look killer cool just kickin’ it in dark shades of whatever the world they wanted and still be as feminine as they please.

Chanel Made us do it !

Chanel Made us do it (the introduction of trousers to women)


Coco Chanel is known for the changes in fashion she has made for women. She introduced the concept of trousers and business-wear for women. Her way of chic and edge design changed the way women viewed themselves. She mixed the ways of gender roles in fashion and created a new look. Even though Coco Chanel wasn’t an apparent feminist, her sharp eye and creative mind played a part in liberating women in fashion.

scandalous or modest? today i choose scandalous

scandalous or modest? today i choose scandalous

who ever said showing a little skin wasn’t “lady like”? women can still be classy while wearing skirts, and fishnets.

$43 –

Agent Provocateur panty
$120 –

Wolford sheer stocking
$40 –

Jonathan Aston fishnet pantyhose
$15 –

Lane Bryant tight

just a girly girl that loves tomboyish things!

just a girly girl that loves tomboyish things!

t-shirts and jeans do not make me any less of a girly girl. girls do not have to wear dresses, makeup, jewelry, or any other “girly” things every single day. I can still be feminine while being comfy in my basic graphic t-shirt.

Gray shirt

Gucci shirt

Gosha Rubchinskiy white t shirt
$150 –

Graphic t shirt

Frame ripped jeans

Levi’s blue jeans
$56 –

J Brand jeans
$285 –

Apparent feminism in Fashion

Apparent feminism


Calling ones-self a Feminist wasn’t always something that was always looked upon as exactly “positive” back in time. Society viewed the Feminist community as a population of women who were “man-haters”, and not a village of diverse genders who believe in the equality of the sexes. As society’s view of Feminism started to shift, designers started to show apparent feminist labels and slogans on clothing. Even though we have seen some progress in perception of the true cause and meaning behind Feminism, there are still some others that are caught looking through their own window  of misunderstanding. We can still change the way that these people think, one girl and slay at a time!

breaking a sweat while embracing your inner sexy is not a crime!

When I work out I like to look cute and feel good while burning calories. I am motivated to work even harder by wearing comfy, and unique wardrobe. it is never wrong to embrace your body, and health!

stylish in the so called “mens attire”

stylish in the so called "mens attire"

men are often associated with pants, suites, and blazers but women can rock the same attire if not better while still selling the look professionally in a business place.

“Plus Size ? More like my size.”

“Plus size or My Size”

Size discrimination is definitely a feminist issue, especially since women were pressured to conform to the shape of coke bottles since the beginning of time.  Yet vocal feminist have been working hard to change society’s past and present ways of body shaming women. We can hope that a size 26 and 6 can both be seen as beautiful.

Along the long path to change, people like Ashley Graham (experienced model) voice their opinions to make sure women and girls that experience the same issues are confident and comfortable in their own curves.

Here in this Ted Talk, Ashley tells about her experience of being a “plus size” model, and the uprisings and downfalls that come with it.

Pick a Spot in the Fitting Room


“Fashion is art and you are the canvas”. -unknown-

There is no right or wrong when it comes to fashion statements. it is something that comes from within. Beauty is up to the individual and should always be unique!femenist-gif

Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men. This blog shows the ways that this definition weaves itself into fashion, media, and self-empowerment.

Two teenage girls by the name of Ashley and DeMya teamed up to bring to you The Feminist Fitting Room, where every opinion, voice, and girl has their own place to feel secure and safe.

We hope this Blog creates a safe space for all the beauties who don’t feel like their views don’t have a place elsewhere.

So girls,

Here is your Feminist Fitting Room .