About Us

The Beauties behind the Blog

Hi, my name is DeMya Myrick and I am a sixteen year old girl that wanted to start blogging because I was simply inspired by my classmate Ashley Tate, and a elective that I take at school called Women and Media. Ashley has many other blogs aspiring to inspire other young females to be brave, accept who they are, to be fierce while doing it, and lastly to love their inner girl power! I love the idea of blogging because it allows you to express personal feelings dealing with topics such as fashion statements and being unique while doing so. This is why I wanted to start Blogging.

Hello! My name is Ashley Tate and I’m a sixteen year old girl that wants to make a mark in the world. I enjoy blogging, fashion, writing, and motivating others. I have two other blogs that I run as well.  I teamed together with my very inspirational classmate DeMya to create this awesome blog to interact and encourage other girls around them along with introducing them to the exciting things that fashion has to offer. I hope that our blog will touch the spirits of others, and help them realize that no matter how different their voices may be, this is a place where they will always fit.



The Vision

Our purpose is to show how feminism incorporates itself into the fashion world, along with focusing on it’s influence in media, art, and society today.

Our goal is to create a safe space for girls to see the important role that feminism plays in their lives, and what better way is there to undress views, opinions, encouragement, and knowledge than in one of the most confidential places there is…A Fitting Room?

Our vision is that girls:

  • Learn that it is perfectly fine to want to be, become educated, or label themselves as a feminists.
  • Strive to be, do, and wear whatever they want
  •   Are inspired through our words and displays of encouragement to motivate and help other girls around them.